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Early Spill Characterization
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Reliable Sampling Results
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Durable, Dependable, and Accurate
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Meet Slick Kit

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. has developed the Slick Kit to meet the needs of ocean industry professionals, enabling the collection of opportunistic samples from surface oil slicks and sheens observed in the marine environment.

The collection and analysis of samples using appropriate equipment and procedures enables chemical characterization of oil slicks and sheen and potential identification of their source.

CSA’s experience in offshore environmental sample collection for the oil and gas industry has allowed us to assemble the Slick Kit to facilitate sample submission for laboratory analyses of hydrocarbons (including total petroleum hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compounds) and potential fingerprinting to establish oil source.

The Slick Kit’s contents enable the collection of multiple types of samples using customized methods to increase the chance of recovering sufficient sample volumes for chemical analysis in conditions ranging from surface seawater to weathered oil and mousse.

The Slick Kit’s Teflon nets and compact, passive, sorbent-based sampling devices use hydrophobic and oleophilic materials that absorb hydrocarbons while excluding water from the sample. Collecting these specialized samples improves the recovery of oil from the ocean’s surface, providing more hydrocarbon material for laboratory analysis than with water samples alone.

csa slick kit

Key Features

  • Accurate

    Facilitates credible sampling results to identify sources and properties of the spill.

  • Adaptive

    Provides sampling for any liquid or solid operational effluent.

  • Durable

    Tough, dependable, and able to handle a variety of offshore conditions.

  • Transportable

    Easily transportable and contains all supplies for sampling and shipping.

Available Training

CSA scientists, operations specialists, technicians, data analysts, and project managers have the experience and training to plan, mobilize, and implement sampling and monitoring programs in marine environments worldwide. Our teams are highly capable and can provide training for the Slick Kit upon request. This training includes:

  • Initial training for use of the kit and sampling procedures
  • Training on specialized topics or in other locations upon request
  • Support and assistance with sample handling and sample transport to laboratories